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Standard Refractive Surgery
Custom Wavefront Technology

Standard Refractive Eye Surgery procedures are performed using an Excimer Laser System. This allows for extra safety and precision during the procedure by verifying the correct position of your eye before every laser pulse. Real-time eye tracking enables the laser to lock onto the center of the pupil, even if the patient moves the eye. Standard laser vision correction uses the prescription in a pair of eyeglasses as the basis to correct vision. It does a great job of reducing or eliminating the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. On the other hand, it can cause other types of optical aberrations, especially spherical aberration. These other optical aberrations can cause focusing problems and make objects blurry, increasing the risk of night vision problems such as glare and halos.

*An aberration is any optical irregularity that causes images to be blurry. Common aberrations are nearsightedness and astigmatism.

Custom Wavefront Technology uses three-dimensional measurements on how your eyes process images when light enters. This map will illustrate the irregularities in processing of the eye. With this information, the laser will be able to determine how to reshape your corneal surface for the best results. The irregularities in the processing of the images in your eye will be fixed. These irregularities of the eye can only be spotted and treated with the Custom Wavefront technology, incorporated in a Wavefront Guided Excimer Laser System.

One of the breakthroughs in Wavefront technology involves how you see. Usually, surgeries will make you clearer by making you score twenty-twenty on the eye charts. With the Wavefront technology, the way you see also improves. There will be improvement in the fine detail and in the sensitivity to contrast. This means that there will be fewer complications relating to glaring, halos and trouble seeing at night

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