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Low Vision

Low vision is a term commonly used among eye care professionals to mean partial sight, or sight that isn't fully correctable with surgery, pharmaceuticals, contact lenses, or glasses.  Low vision can be caused by a variety of causes, including eye injuries, diseases and heredity.  Sometimes low vision involves a lack of acuity, other times it involves the inability to distinguish colors, see contrasts or determine spatial relationships among objects.

People who are challenged with low vision typically have difficulty reading, writing, watching television, recognizing people's faces or engaging in other daily living tasks.  Fortunately, the visually impaired can be helped with a service called Low Vision Care.

Low vision should not need to be an inevitable part of aging or a reason to accept a loss of independence.  Low vision aids are clinically proven to work, as well as, improve reading speed.  Our eye care specialists educate their patients to learn how to use the vision they have with various types of modern technology in the form of optical devices, electronic devices and non-optical devices.

Low vision devices magnify images, so the virtually impaired person can see what they could not see before.  However, they do not make vision normal.  And it takes time, practice and determination to learn how to use the devices.  Reading is slow at first, sometimes only a word or letter at at time.

It is important to know that unless legally blind, low vision exams and devices are not covered by health insurance.

At Eye Care for the Adirondacks we have three optometrists certified by New York State Commission for the Blind to provide low vision services:  Dr. Stanley Hatch, and Dr. Richard Erenstone.

If you are challenged with low vision such that you cannot read or see well enough to do the things you want to do, even with the best eyeglass prescription available, ask your eye doctor if a low vision examination could benefit you.  Low vision exams are scheduled by referral only.  If you are a patient of Eye Care for the Adirondacks, call 518-566-2020, and ask for one of our low vision specialists to review your most recent eye examinations.  They will get back to you with advice or to set up an appointment.



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